Design and Technical Services

Expert Support for Your Design Needs

Mechanical Design

We offer a complete range of mechanical design services to assist you and your teams to successfully complete your designs. We can help your team right from concept stage through to final production launch.

Mechanical Design and Documentation

Technical documentation including manufacturing and assembly drawings, BOM's, procurement specifications, work instructions, and test procedures. Our mechanical designers provide their own CAD hardware and software (Solidworks) so we don't need to rely on your resources.


We provide a wide range of mechanical analysis services. These include kinematic and dynamic simulations and calculations, and structural finite element analysis (FEA) using Solidworks analysis products, and robotic simulation.

Production Support

In addition to providing expert services in the design stages, we’re also able to support manufacturing activities right through to final delivery and installation. Below are some examples of how we can help:

  • Prototype Verification
  • Field Installation
  • Supplier Management and Support
  • Tooling and Fixturing

Manufacturing and Quality Improvements

We help improve many different aspects of manufacturing and quality operations. 

Below are some of the solutions we offer.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA)

We work with you on your new and existing designs to ensure efficient and cost-effective and standardized manufacturing, assembly, testing, and service. We explore alternate manufacturing opportunities and help with the necessary design changes.

Manufacturing and Operations Process Improvements

We provide in-depth review of design, manufacturing and operations processes to identify opportunities for cost-reductions, shorter cycle times, and quality improvements.

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